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Taheya Carioca (1919-1999).

1942 Taheya Carioca. 
This simply stunning two piece coin costume is hands down the most beautiful coin costume I have ever seen. The coin belt is very wide and is covered in hundreds of tiny metal coins sewn on flat.
From the film Aheb el Ghalat

Egyptian raqs sharqi - Taheya Carioca

In addition you will find a wide range of historical performances on my Youtube playlist:
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 I highly recommend this website. There are a lot of very interesting articles on the history of Oriental Dance!

The legendary Egyptian Belly dancer Tahiya Karioka with the young Fairuz ...the most talented kid in the Egyptian cinema

THE DEATH of Tahia Carioca, at the age of 80, marks the end not only of an astonishingly multi-faceted contribution to Egyptian and Arab life, but also of an entire cultural era, and of a kind of female public figure unlikely to ever emerge again.

Dancing to the rhythm of time. By Youssef Rakha  

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