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Vintage Bellydance & Vintage Bellydance Costumes

Blanche Walsh,
Marceau Theater, 1902
“Little Egypt” became the stage name for bellydancers in the early 1900’s. It is unclear whether this picture is of Spyropoulos or Wabe
Massin sisters, Luxor, Egypt--some of the last performing Ghawazee

Belly Dancer, circa 1905
 Spanish belly dancer 'La Bella Otero' (1868-1965)
by Léopold-Émile Reutlinger, 1901
The actress Phyllis Monkman (1892–1976) in 'The Butterflies'
by Foulsham 1910 
1908 Vintage Theatre - Miss Lotta Faust in the Salome Dance in 'The Mimic World' by CharmaineZoe
 Michael Fokin & Vera Fokina, Ballet Russes production of Scheherazade, 1910
Mata Hari (1876-1917)
 Mata Hari (1876-1917)
Tunisia, circa 1900
German dancer and film actress La Jana (1905 - 1940) was the most popular show girl of Berlin in the 1930’s.
Greta Nissen, circa 1920s
Circa 1900 French Dancer in Costume DeBusty by Walery.
Louise Mante in Art Nouveau Costume, circa 1900
Sjemile Fatme, Odalisque to the Sultan, circa 1910
Maud Allan (1873-1956)  In 1906 she premiered her Vision of Salome, based on Oscar Wilde’s play Salome. Especially notorious was her Dance of the Seven Veils.
Mata Hari (7 August 1876-15 October 1917)
Kismet, Marlene Dietrich, 1944
Badia Masabni (1892-1974) was an actress and belly dancer of Lebanese and Syrian origin, best known for opening a series of influential clubs in Cairo from the 1920's onward.
Beautiful Dancer in Art Nouveau Costume circa 1905
French Dancer Margot Dervilliers in Costume Orientale, circa 1905
Dance Of An Almée, Circa 1875
Mata Hari in Paris,1906
Pola Negri - 1920s
Aimé Dupont, Thamara de Svirsky, 1909-1910, carte de visite


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