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Famous Turkish Belly Dancers

Famous Turkish Belly Dancers

Nesrin Gökkaya was born in 1951. After the 60s, she became a dancer of oriental dance and she adopted the name Nesrin Topkapi 

 Read more about Nesrin Topkapi:

 The Legend - PRINCESS BANU - the famous belly dancer from Turkey in the 70's - 80's, has performed all the globe and become the best Turkish interpreter of Egyptian school of dancing althought her costume is far from Egyptian!!!

Read more about Princess Banu:

Özel Türkbaş (1938 – 2012) was a Turkish-born actress, model, singer and belly dancer.

Read more about Özel Türkbaş:

Gilded Serpent presents Özel Türkbas 


Özel Türkbas - Vintage 40’s-era promo postcard of this famous Turkish bellydancer

Turkish Vintage Belly Dance Videos:



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