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Jamila Salimpour

Jamila Salimpour was born in New York in 1926.

Jamila Salimpour with snake, Rennaisance Faire, 1969

Jamila 1967

Jamila Salimpour is the originator of tribal belly dance in America, and has been influential in belly dance for over 50 years. She is also the first one to solidify a format of terminology in belly dance still used today. Her format is taught and applied to dancers’ movements worldwide.
The creation of the legendary dance troupe Bal-Anat evolved in 1968, when the opportunity to perform in an outdoor theme festival, The Renaissance Pleasure Faire, challenged Jamila Salimpour, to create a variety show which one might see at an Arabian Festival or Souk.
From being a member of Ringling Brothers Circus in 1942, Jamila implemented that format in creating Bal Anat. As a belly dancer, Jamila Salimpour worked with many dancers including Algerian water glass dancers, Tunisian pot dancers, Male Tray dancers, magicians, and presented many varieties of entertainment. The Sword dance, Mask dance, and Snake dance were seen for the first time in Bal Anat. The resulting show became a show featuring tribal dances from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.
The show inspired a whole generation of American Belly Dancers, giving way to the rise in popularity of the Tribal Belly Dance genre.

Read Jamila`s biography:

 Jamila Salimpour in her beautiful Assuit
 Jamila Salimpour performing with finger cymbals. Be sure to take a look into her history of finger cymbals.
 A very, very rare clip of Jamila performing. Clip features Jamila and Suhaila at a 1977 workshop show in the Northwest United States (either Portland or Seattle). The performance clip has two sections: 1) Sallem Alley and 2) Atchan Ya Sabaya (both from Dances for Festive Nights).

Video: Jamila & Suhaila Salimpour 1977 (Duet)  

An improvised finger cymbal duet between Jamila Salimpour and Suhaila Salimpour at Rakkasah West 2005.

Video: Jamila & Suhaila Salimpour Finger Cymbal Duet, Rakkasah West 2005  


From Many Tribes

The Origins of Bal Anat

The origins of 'Bal Anat', the troupe that laid the groundwork for American Tribal Style belly dance (by Jamila Salimpour)
Bal Anat including beginning second from left: Lisa, Aida, Galya, Meta and Feiruza.

Video: Bal Anat Documentary 1970/1972



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