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Jamileh - Famous Persian Belly Dancer


Famous Persian Belly Dancer

Jamileh dancing 'Baba Karam' for Aristoteles Onassis

Fatemeh Sadeghi, who was mostly known by her stage name Jamileh, was a Persian professional dancer and actress. She was born in 1946 in Tehran.
She is also considered as the most famous dancer of the country. Jamileh started her career by playing in the movie Ayar. Before entering the world of acting, she was a professional actress, she then continued professional dance in cabarets and bars.
She had also performed in different TV shows, series and movies. After the revolution, she left the country forever, she then immigrated to the USA.

Baba Karam Dance by Jamileh

Baba Karam, a chain dance, derived from a Sufi story whereby a servant at the court of the king falls in love with one of the harem girls and sings this song out of grief of not being able to be with her, was traditionally featuring male dancers but nowadays also performed by women.

Video: Baba Karam Dance by Jamileh 


Jamileh Dancing in Dokhtare Zalem Bala

Vocal: Ramesh

Video: Jamileh Dancing in Dokhtare Zalem Bala 


 Video: Jamileh - Arabic Belly Dance (Baladi Dance)


 Video: Jamileh - Arabic Belly Dance (Hezaro Yek Shab)


Video: Jamileh - Bazme Khayam Dance 



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