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Zeinat Olwi (1930-1988),

 stage name: 'Zurah'

Zeinat Olwi (Arabic: زينات علوي‎) whose stage name was Zurah, (1930-1988) was one of the leading belly dancers in Egypt in the middle of the twentieth century. 
She was born in 1930 in Alexandria where she suffered severe abuse throughout her childhood at the hands of her family. At age sixteen she escaped and fled to Cairo. 
She appeared in many movies from the Egyptian Golden Age of cinema. One of her most famous performances was in Henry Barakat's 1955 movie Ayyam wa layali (Days and Nights).
Zeinat Olwi died in 1988 at age 58 of a heart attack.

Video: Zeinat Olwi (1953) 

This clip is from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Raya and Sakina’ (ريا وسكينة). Based on actual events, the film tells the story of sisters Raya and Sakina who, with their husbands Hasaballah and Abdel Aal and two accomplices, killed numerous young women for their gold jewellery.
The featured bellydancer in this clip is Zeinat Olwi (Zurah) who becomes one of the unfortunate victims. Its worth mentioning that many Egyptian women at that time wore their wealth in the form of gold jewellery as the average woman didn’t put her money in the bank. The murders took place in 1919-1921 in Labban which at the time was one of the poorest areas of Alexandria, Egypt. The common thread from eyewitnesses seemed to be that the missing women were last seen in the company of either Raya or Sakina but the police were unable to find any leads.
The film starred Negma Ibrahim as Raya, Zouzou Hamdi el Hakim as Sakina and Anwar Wagdi as the policeman who finally cracks the case.

Video: Zeinat Olwi (1955)  

Egyptian bellydancer Zeinat Olwi performs in a scene from the 1955 film 'Ayyam wa Layali' (Days and Nights أيام و ليالي). The film starred Abdel Halim Hafez, Mahmoud el Meliji, Eman and Ahmed Ramzy.

Video: Zeinat Olwi (1957) 

Egyptian bellydancer Zeinat Olwi dances in a scene from the 1957 film ‘Al Motahm’ (Accused المتهم). The film starred Sharifa Maher, Tawfik Ismail, Mahmoud al Meliji and Riad Hussein.

Video: Zeinat Olwi (1960) 

Zeinat Olwi is the dancer in this scene from the 1960 Egyptian film ‘Souq al Selah’ (The Arms Market سوق السلاح). The female singer is Hoda Sultan. The film also starred Hoda Sultan’s then husband Farid Shawki along with Mahmoud al Meliji and Mohamed Reda (the actor not the dancer).
Actress and singer Huda Sultan (1925-2006) was the sister of renowned composer-singer-actor Mohamed Fawzi. She was Egyptian screen actor Farid Shawki's third wife, the couple being married between 1951–1969.
Trivia: Actor Farid Shawki was married to bellydancer Saneya Shawki for 5 or 6 years in the late 1940s. If you'd like to see Saneya Shawki performing, there's a clip of her on this channel.


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